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Together, with the help of supporters like you, we can build a better Prehistoric Museum!

Budget cuts have caused the museum to rely even more heavily on donations than it had in the past. Your donations have already helped the museum to do so much: create an exhibit explaining archaeology that includes hands-on interactive elements, construct an exhibit explaining the importance of the Huntington Mammoth, remount dinosaur skeletons in the Hall of Paleontology so as to reflect the most recent scientific information, as well as help to build the new children’s Discovery Area pithouse. Your donations help the museum stay at the leading edge of regional research, education, and exhibit design.

This museum began as many of the larger, older museums do, as a grass-roots effort. In time, these museums matured into the professional organizations that we know today (such as the American Museum of Natural History, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, among others).The Prehistoric Museum started as a joint venture by the Price community and Carbon College. It soon advanced past its tottering infancy stage, went through a long, painful teenage growth spurt, and is now moving towards its adult phase. Unfortunately, like a voracious teenager rapidly outgrowing their clothes, the Prehistoric Museum has outgrown its hand-me-down spaces.

New Huntington Mammoth Exhigit The Prehistoric Museum is working to build a new museum that can house all of its collections under one roof, as well as build a more coherent themed exhibition on the history of life in eastern Utah..

To pull its hugely dispersed artifact and fossil collections together under one roof with exhibits, educational programs, and administrative offices, it will take the construction of a new 50,000 square foot building. The collection storage will allow for 25 years of growth.

The education facilities will include two classrooms and several spaces within the exhibits for students and their teachers. In addition, exhibits about the prehistory of eastern Utah will be designed around the State’s education core competencies, giving the exhibits relevance to both teachers and home schools.


Donate now to improve the current museum’s exhibits
or to help build our new museum.


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