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New Book Release - Museum Director, Dr. Ken Carpenter

Carpenter shares a notable accomplishment with two other editors and 10 writers in the release of a new book “Dinosaurs and Other Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico” press release


DNA Samples Taken From The Prehistoric Museum's Mammoth

Find out what interesting information has been realized from this scientific study. More Details


Museum Director Identifies Giant Marine Reptile

Dr. Ken Carpenter, the curator of paleontology and museum director and two of his colleagues identify new giant marine reptile.

Armored Monster

Armored Monster Invades Museum

Scientist recently unveiled the skeleton of one of the largest known armored dinosaurs in its new home at Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum.


Big Find: Giant Utah Clams

Prehistoric Museum researchers stumble upon ancient giant clams south of Price.

What's Shakin'?

Museum visitors can witness earthquake patterns that have developed over time.

Dino Tracks on the Ceiling

Miners digging coal encounter these prints in the roof of modern coal-beds in great numbers.

It All Began with a Monster

He was just 5 years old sitting in a darkened room when the monster entered his life.



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